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Spain--Stolen Christopher Columbus letter returned to Spain
2018-06-09    0 views
A letter from Christopher Columbus describing his discovery of the New World which had been stolen was recovered and returned to Spain.

The original, called “La Epistola de Insulis Nuper Inventis,” was stolen from the National Library of Catalonia. In what could be a scene stolen from a movie, the original was replaced in its display by a high-quality reproduction, Reuters reports.

"The story began back in 2011 when the United States Homeland Security Investigations Wilmington Office launched the investigation into the copies of the letter written in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, revealing that a number of them had been stolen from libraries in Europe and replaced by forgeries," explained Spanish Ambassador to the U.S. Pedro Morenes.

U.S. Homeland Security and Spain's Guardia Civilia worked together to investigate the crime.

The theft was not publicized, nor was the investigation.

Thus it was a complete surprise when U.S. Homeland Security officials announced that the letter had been recovered on June 6.
Tennessee--Police defend black real estate investor after woman calls 911--A white woman called the cops on a black real estate investor. Police defenaded him
2018-05-16    0 views
Woman calls 911 on black real estate investor

When he shows paperwork to police

The officer starts making threats
How a Traditional Spiritual Practice Changed the Lives of These People
2018-05-15    73 views
A series of activities and events are planned over
4 days for this year’s Falun Dafa Day on May 13.

May 13 is the birthday of Li Hongzhi, Falun Dafa’s
founder. Falun Dafa is also called Falun Gong.

A practice of mind and body, Falun Dafa teaches
Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.

Attendees say their well-being owes much to the
meditation practice they share.

Victoria Szafranska, Physical Therapy student:
I feel more at ease mentally. I feel more conscious of my emotions
mentally. I also feel less tension in my shoulders, physically.

Less stress overall. Definitely more happy, I feel more positive going
to work dealing with my patients at work, addressing their emotions

and being conscious of their emotions also.

Dorian Filip, Local Practitioner:
Over the time with the pain, I started being quite anxious, depressed,
and not happy, not happy at all. I was wondering a lot about life

what’s the meaning of life, why there’s so much pain, why suffering?
When I started practicing everything changed tremendously.

I feel a lot more relaxed, more focused on what I’m doing in my
daily life, either work or family related, and happy, really happy inside.

Michael Carter, Local Practitioner:
Once I started learning about the principles truthfulness, compassion,
and forbearance I started changing the inside, my heart and my mind

and I became more compassionate, I was more tolerant.

Mika Hale, Vocalist:
It was pretty turbulent actually most of my relationships were really
strained, especially with my family.

In 2007 I was so miserable with my life that I used to pray
everyday outside my window—to be killed.

Mika used to suffer from a thyroid condition
and it miraculously went away after practicing.

Her strained relationships also began to change.

Mika Hale, Vocalist:
Being able to talk to people from a genuine place, my relationship
with my mother is amazing

and the relationship with my sister and children are amazing.
Before they were really turbulent.

Scott Chinn, Software Developer:
Before I started practicing Falun gong you could say I had
a lot of anxiety, also stress, stressed about things I couldn’t control—

Scott decided to try out Falun Dafa in 1999 after
seeing positive changes in his friend who practices.

Scott Chinn, Software Developer:
Less anxiety, less stress, just happier overall, it’s just gotten better
and better and better. I keep practicing because I keep feeling happy.

Texas---Oxygen Masks Drop During Southwest Flight to Dallas-TS_teaser
2018-05-14    0 views
Oxygen masks suddenly drop mid-flight

Plane prepares for emergency landing
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