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Giant Dalmatian with Real Taxi on its Nose Comes to Midtown
2018-05-25    0 views
This 2 1/2-story Dalmation has moved into midtown.

The dog is named “Spot”
and it lives at 34th Street and First Ave.

The car on its nose is a real taxi.

The insides have been gutted but its lights turn on

and the windshield wipers come on in the rain.

[AJ Mester]] 00:35--00:43
“I like it. It’s a cool little statue. It’s got an iconic New York taxi on top of a dog. It’s really cool. It’s big. I don’t know, it’s a good addition to the neighborhood.”

[[Julie]]] [[00:44-00:56]]
“Unfortunately, it looks to me a little bit as though like the taxi fell off the building which is a little bit concerning, but I appreciate that it’s unusual and original.”

The statue was erected outside the upcoming
NYU Langone Hassenfeld Children's Hospital.

Artist Donald Lipski said he made it playful

so it would distract those arriving
for even the most serious procedures.

The 38-foot sculpture was made in
Wisconsin and trucked to New York.
The Oxford English Dictionary Wants to Know the Definitive New York City Lexicon
2018-05-02    0 views
Each region in the U.S. has its own vocabulary,
and New York is no exception.

New Yorkers often refer to anything
outside the city as “upstate.”

While New York City consists of 5 boroughs

Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx,
and Staten Island

people from the outer boroughs often
refer to Manhattan simply as “the city”

Want to go to the garden?

Before you refuse, you might be turning down
a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.

If you know any other New York-specific words,
the Oxford English Dictionary wants to hear from you.
Use the Twitter tag #WordsWhereYouAre
or share them on the dictionary’s website
Cherry Blossom in Brooklyn Botanic Garden Ahead of Sakura Matsuri
2018-04-28    0 views
Now is the time to enjoy cherry blossoms at
the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

that are in bloom through early May.

220 cherry trees in multiple varieties
add a splash of color to the heart of Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is hosting
Sakura Matsuri, a Japanese cherry blossom festival.

It celebrates the flowers,
and outside of Japan, Japanese culture.

While the trees can be enjoyed for a few more weeks

the festival will be only this Saturday and Sunday.

There will be handmade origami, drumming, tea tasting
and Japanese specialty markets.

[[Anita Jacobs, Director of Public Programs, Brooklyn Botanic Garden]] [[00:32-00:40]]
"We have over 60 different performances.
Some of those performances are really traditional things.
And what we love to do, is take a Japanese traditional performance
and have a little bit of Brooklyn flair."

Sakura Matsuri
Saturday, April 28
Sunday, April 29
10 a.m.–6 p.m.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden,
990 Washington Ave.,
Brooklyn, NY 11225
MTA to Shake Up Bus Transport in All 5 Boroughs
2018-04-24    0 views
The MTA is planning an overhaul of its bus service.

It says it’s responding to low bus ridership

which has decreased by 14% since 2007.

The MTA is making it easier to pay.

By 2020, the MTA plans to have
tap-to-pay card readers at all bus doors.

MTA says New York City buses are
some of the slowest in the world.

To speed them up, it will create
more bus-only lanes.

Traffic lights will get technology that will
allow them to recognize and prioritize busses.

To increase space on select routes
it will test double-decker busses this spring

between Manhattan and Staten Island.

[[New York City Resident]]
“I definitely want it to be more scheduled
because sometimes I wait like 2 minutes for a bus
and sometimes I wait like 20 minutes.”  

Instead of waiting for a full bus

a new MTA app will tell riders
how many seats are available.

NYC Transit President Andy Byford expects
improving bus service will cut down on congestion.
Central Park to Be Car Free Starting in June
2018-04-21    0 views
New York’s Central Park is going to be
“Car Free” soon, the mayor announced Friday.

[[Bill de Blasio, New York City Mayor]]
“The most iconic park on earth will now be car free, that’s gonna be felt everywhere.”

He said it will make the park safer
for pedestrians and pedalers.

[[Jenny Stewart, New York City resident]]
I think it’ll really help in terms of preventing accidents, and keeping everybody safe.

[[Joseph Olshefski, New York City resident]]
Without the cars, the better it is for everybody.

The park’s scenic loop already has limited hours.

But now it will be completely closed to vehicles.

But cars will still be allowed
through parts of the park.

The 4 roadways that traverse the
park will remain open to vehicles.

The car ban goes into effect June 27.
David Bowie ‘Subway Takeover’ in NYC Gives Fans a Chance to Reminisce
2018-04-21    0 views
NYC’s Broadway-Lafayette/Bleecker Street
subway station has a new theme this week.

This “subway takeover” features
British rocker David Bowie

who lived in New York for 20 years
until his death in 2016.

The new installation coincides with the
Brooklyn Museum’s “David Bowie Is” exhibit.

The museum exhibit has been touring
the world and New York is its last stop.

In addition to the subway art

there are 250,000 MetroCards
with 5 David Bowie photos on them

sold only at this station.

The art will be up through May 13.

The MetroCards will be
available while supplies last.
State Grant To Help Renovate 14 Animal Shelters
2018-04-13    0 views
New York State is the first state to
set up a fund for animal shelters.

The $5 million Companion Animal Capital Fund
supports critical upgrades to shelters.

This year, 14 shelters and humane societies
were awarded grants from the fund.

Two of them were in the Hudson Valley.

The Humane Society of Middletown will
receive $439,000.

It plans to use the funds to expand facilities
for quarantining and treating animals.

The SPCA of Westchester in Briarcliff Manor
will receive $500,000.

It plans to build a new shelter with the money.

The matching grants were awarded based on
need and the readiness of the project.
Poorer New Yorkers Would Get Half-Price MetroCards Under Council’s Budget Plan
2018-04-12    0 views
New York City may spend hundreds of millions of
dollars on half-priced subway tickets for low income newyorkers.

Some NYC Council members want to
set aside $212 million for the initiative

of the $88.7 billion municipal

44 of the 50 city council members
have joined the speaker of the council
in support of the measure.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said
the city would not pay for it.

But would support it if the state did.

[[David Jones, CEO, Community Service Society of New York]]
“We still have to convince him that this is a city responsibility.
Because none of this money would go into the hands of the MTA.
It goes only to 800,000 poor people riding the trains.”

But at least one New York City resident said he doesn’t think it’s realistic.

[[Perry Silver, New York City Resident]]
“You know on its face, it sounds great.
We are helping the poor. But, how do
you make up for that lost revenue?
And it’s a problem.”
Gun Owners Must Re-certify their Guns This Year–Even Past Deadline
2018-04-12    0 views
A New York law requires gun owners to recertify
their guns every five years.

This year is the first year gun owners
have had to recertify their guns

after New York passed
the SAFE Act in 2013.

Most gun owners were supposed
to recertify by Jan 31.

As of the deadline, 20% of
New York state gun owners

or about 81,000 people, hadn’t done it.

To re-register, owners can fill out an online form.

People who fail to recertify their firearms
risk having their licenses revoked.

The New York State Police have said they’ll
continue to take applications after the deadline.

Opponents argue that the law is a violation
of their Second Amendment rights.
JFK Airport lost its top 20 ranking
2018-04-11    0 views
JFK Airport, long one of the busiest airports
in the world, lost its top 20 ranking on Monday.

A preliminary report released by Airports Council
International on the number of passengers

shows that significant increases in traffic at
Asian airports pushed JFK off of the top 20 list.

Last year, JFK had about 59.4 million passengers,
ranking it 22 out of 1,202 airports.

At the top of the list is Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson
International Airport with 120 million passengers.

The report said India’s Indira Gandhi International
Airport in New Delhi rose 4 spots to the 16th busiest.

The International Air Transport Association
estimates that by 2036, air travelers will double to
7.8 billion a year.