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Cat and Owner Perform Secret Handshake
2018-04-19    0 views
Jonesy the cat was excited to perform an intricate handshake with his owner. After giving his owner several high fives with his paws, he jumped through a circle that his owner made with their arms.

Credit: Jukin Media via AP
Women jump out of five-story hotel on fire in Izmir, Turkey
2018-04-09    0 views
A fire broke out in at the hotel in western Turkish city of Izmir on Wednesday (March 7) wounding four people, state-run Anadolu Agency reported.

It said the wounded were taken to a state hospital for threatment, adding the cause of fire remained unknown.

Footage shot by local news outlet Izmir Haber showed a woman falling down as she tried to cross to an adjacent building as flames engulfed the hotel. Another woman was seen jumping off the balcony to avoid the flames.

Credit: IZMIR HABER via Reuters
Trump: US Will Be 'Coming Out of Syria Very Soon'
2018-03-30    0 views
President Donald Trump said on Thursday, March 29, that the United States would be pulling out of Syria "very soon."

Addressing supporters in Richfield, Ohio, Trump said it was time to "let other people take care of" fighting the ISIS terrorist group and that soon, one hundred percent of its so-called caliphate would be taken back.

France has insisted the terrorists remain a threat to international security and wants the United States to stay until they are vanquished.

Trump also reiterated that he had been against the war in Iraq from the beginning.

Video Credit: AP
BRAZEN DRIVER - Shocking footage shows lorry driver writing on notepad while driving
2018-03-30    0 views

RPYDRIVER - By Daniel Sheridan

This shocking footage shows the moment an unmarked police vehicle caught a lorry driver writing notes on an A4 pad while DRIVING.

The footage captured by Greater Manchester Police captured the dangerous driver using the notepad while travelling along the M6.

The brazen driver is seemingly oblivious to being filmed and continues to make notes during the 30-second clip captured by Highways England.

John Walford, incident prevention manager at Highways England, said: “We began the HGV cab initiative three years ago as part of the work we’re doing to improve safety on motorways and major A roads, and we’ve been impressed by the impact it has had.

“Police officers have pulled over more than 5,000 drivers for offences which could have resulted in serious collisions, either because road users have got into bad habits or are simply ignoring the law.

“We’ve found that the vast majority of drivers are sensible behind the wheel but some are putting themselves."

The cab has stopped a total of 5,408 drivers in relation to 6,257 offences and Highways England is funding for three new cabs to patrol motorways across England, with wide-angle cameras to capture unsafe driving behaviour.

The most common offences filmed using the unmarked HGV cab include using a mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt, speeding and drivers not in proper control of their vehicles.

The cabs allow police officers to film evidence of unsafe driving by pulling up alongside vehicles.

Drivers are then pulled over by police cars following behind.

One driver pulled over by Devon and Cornwall Police was found to have sent 10 replies to 10 texts within one hour while a motorist in Surrey was seen trying to put toothpaste on a toothbrush.

Another driver in the East Midlands was spotted steering with his knees while he ate his lunch and used his mobile phone.

Last year, the Government doubled the penalty for drivers caught using their phones at the wheel.

Motorists now receive six points on their licence and a £200 fine.

Credit: SWNS
World's largest statue takes shape
2018-03-27    0 views
These remarkable pictures show the construction progress of the world's largest statue.

Statue of Unity is taking shape after three years.

It's a monument dedicated to Indian independence movement leader Vallabhbhai Patel.

It stands at twice the height of the Statue of Liberty at 597 feet.

The spectacle is reportedly on track for an October 2017 opening.

It's located facing the Narmada Dam in the Indian state of Gujarat.

The project entailed reinforcing the rocky outcrop in the middle of the Narmada riverbed,

in order to accommodate the massive sculpture and the base on which it sits.

Michael Graves Architecture & Design (MGA&D), based in Princeton, designed the master plan for the entire project.

Credit: AP
Sahara Sand Turns Snow Orange in Russia, Romania
2018-03-26    0 views
Orange snow has fallen in parts of eastern Europe after a rare meeting of Siberia and the Sahara.

Meteorologists said the snow from Siberia collided with dust-filled wind from the Sahara desert.

The orange snow has been spotted on mountains in Russia's Sochi region,

farther east in Georgia's Adzharia region, and at Romania's Danube port of Galati.

Some skiers have posted photos on social media joking that they were on Mars.

Other countries such as Bulgaria and Ukraine have also reported the phenomenon.

Credit: AP
Beached whales in Australia get a helping hand
2018-03-24    0 views
About 150 whales were stranded on a beach in Western Australia on March 23.

Rescuers were racing against time to save 15 short-finned pilot whales in shallow water.

Most of the whales have now died, with six survivors taken back into the sea.

The whales were transported down the beach using large cranes with slings.

Credit: Reuters & AP
Baby Seals Get Their Vitamin D Fix Basking in the Latvian Sun
2018-03-24    0 views
Several baby seals were lying on their backs and enjoying the sun on a beach in Latvia.

A large crowd of people gathered around them to take selfies.

Experts urged people to not go closer than 164 feet because small seals are subject to stress.

They do not know who people are and what to expect from them.

Credit: Ruptly
Giant T-Rex meets fiery fate as it bursts into flames
2018-03-24    0 views
A life-size animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex suffered a blazing downfall as it was engulfed by flames in a dinosaur-themed park in southern Colorado on Thursday.

The doomed dinosaur was smouldering for about 10 minutes before bursting into flames, said Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience owner Zach Reynolds.

The 7-metre (24-feet) tall robot T-Rex, who moved and made noise, was one of 16 animatronic dinosaurs that reside in the park's Dinosaur Wild Walk exhibit.

The T-Rex was one of the most popular stars of the park and would be sorely missed, Reynolds said. A replacement to the burnt beast is expected to arrive before the summer.

The fire is believed to have been caused by an electrical fault.

Credit: Ruptly
U.S. Marine conducts first F-35B fighter jet vertical-landing drill on amphibious ship
2018-03-23    0 views
The U.S. military conducted vertical take-off and landing drills with F-35B fighter jets from the deck of the USS Wasp.

The drills took place near Japan's Okinawa on March 23.

It’s the first showing of the stealth aircraft on an amphibious carrier in international waters.

"This is a historic deployment.… This represents what I believe is the most significant leap in war-fighting capability of our lifetime."

The U.S. Air Force version of the F-35 is already flying from bases in Japan.

The addition of the F-35B will replace aging Harrier jump jets.

“It gives our senior leaders and commanders just more options from humanitarian assistance, all the way through all our missions we may be asked to perform for combat operations. We come better prepared and we can simply do more."

Credit: Reuters
A luxury travel agency for pampered pooches in Hong Kong
2018-03-23    0 views
These Yorkies are named Ding Dong and Fun Fun.

They enjoyed luxury air travel in a private jet during a trip to Japan.

On commercial flights, pets are usually carried in the hold.

But travel agency Life Travel in Hong Kong has arranged it so they ride with their owners.

The 5-day trip cost owner Zoe Man $30,000.

"We are like a family. It's like I want to take my dad and mom on vacation, or go on a family vacation, it's a very similar mindset."

Researchers say consumer spending on pets in China is growing at a staggering rate.

The market is expected to be worth $7 billion by 2022.

Life Travel is capitalizing on this trend. It is offering more than 12 doggie vacations this year.

For now, Life Travel's customers can only take their canines to Japan due to quarantine regulations.

But soon, pets with the right documents can fly from Hong Kong to Switzerland and North America.

Credit: Reuters
Quokka Likes Face Massage
2018-03-23    0 views
This quokka approached a group of people hoping that they would give it some food. However, when one of the humans gave it a face massage, it immediately forgot about the food and fell into bliss.

Credit: Jukin Media via AP
Woman dies in Arizona after being hit by Uber self-driving car
2018-03-22    0 views
A woman died of her injuries after being struck by an Uber self-driving vehicle in Arizona on March 19.
The car was traveling at about 40 mph.

It was in autonomous mode with an operator behind the wheel.

It’s the first death from a self-driving vehicle.

It raised questions about how it happened and why in Arizona.

Arizona is a hotbed for autonomous vehicle testing, in part due to its beautiful weather and its open roads.

The second part is due to regulation, the Governor of this state has welcomed Uber and other companies.

Even after the crash, Arizona is holding steady to its very loose regulations for self-driving cars.

Arizona officials said they are waiting for all of the facts to come in on this crash.

But until then, they're not taking any action to further regulate this industry.

But Uber has suspended its autonomous testing program in the U.S. and Canada.

Toyota is also pausing its testing, saying the incident may have an emotional effect on its test drivers.

Credit: Reuters
Guy Proposes to Girlfriend While Tandem Skydiving
2018-03-21    0 views
This couple went skydiving together above Lake Elsinore, CA. They were having fun free falling, but the girl didn't expect her boyfriend to pop the question during their descent. Once she saw the ring, she burst into tears of joy and accepted his proposal surrounded by family and friends when they landed.

Credit: Jukin Media via AP
Historian Possibly has the World's Oldest Easter Eggs - One is 119 years old
2018-03-21    0 views

Historian Mark Lawrence bought the world's two oldest Easter eggs at an auction.

One chocolate egg was from 1912, and another painted duck egg dates back to 1899.

The chocolate 'Piet Van Klinkenberg' egg was made in Germany and sold in the UK.

It was possibly a gift given to a relative who passed away before they had the chance to eat it.

The painted 'Sallie Maxwell Bennett' egg is named after its original owner and likely creator.

Credit: SWNS
Police Rescue Woman Sleeping in Car Illegally
2018-03-20    0 views
FLORIDA -- Marion County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) Deputy Jarrick Donely responded to an auto dealership located at the 1800th block of South Pine Avenue in reference to a suspicious incident. Upon arrival, Deputy Donely located the defendant, Dolores A. Graham, locked inside one of the vehicles listed for sale on the lot.

Graham told deputies that she illegally entered the car to sleep and locked herself inside. She had tossed a cigarette underneath the front seat of the car, which caught on fire. Graham stated she was unable to unlock the doors so she attempted to smash out the front windshield with her hands and feet.

Sgt. Micah Moore responded to the scene and was able to get Graham to press the correct unlock button and he removed her from the vehicle.

A fire extinguisher was then used to put the fire out. Graham was transported to the Marion County Jail and has been charged with Burglary of an Unoccupied Structure and Felony Criminal Mischief.

Credit: Marion County Sheriff's Office
Man Rides World's Fastest Zip-Line in Human Propulsion Jet Suit Teaser
2018-03-20    0 views
Richard Browning, the founder of a British aeronautics and technology start-up, on Monday (March 19) donned a jet suit to fly up the world's fastest zip-line.

Browning, who also serves as the Chief Test Pilot of his company Gravity Industries, set the world record for the "fastest speed in a body controlled jet engine body suit" when he reached 32.02 mph (51.53 km/h) in 2017.

The rocket man was not after another world record on Monday, as he sped along "Velocity", which is the longest zip-line in Europe and the fastest in the world, and instead focused on testing the high speed capabilities of his new human propulsion flight suit.

Browning and his team have spent the winter working on refining their suit technology to allow him to fly at greater speeds with more stability.

"Flying up the wire you're under your own power and if I turn the power down at any point I start rolling back. So it's all down to the thrust of the suit produces. As soon as I get to the top of the point I want to turn around then it's just down to gravity and I can control, to a degree, the manoeuvrability as I come down but really that's just all in the hands of gravity," he explained.

Riders usually reach top speeds above 100mph (160,93 km/h) on the Velocity.

"Trying to fly this is very hard to describe because it's unlike anything else really that I can describe, really. I mean, you are spooling up a thousand horsepower of jet engine power and then manipulating it such that you can move around the sky almost anywhere you want to go. It is it is indescribable. The experience of that kind of complete free form of flight," Browning said after the flight.

Monday's event was also closely followed by Guinness World Records, who are featuring Browning in their new book "Science & Stuff", hoping his achievements will help inspire a new generation of technology innovators.

Credit: Reuters
Giant Sculptures Burn in Valencia Ending Annual 'Fallas' Festival
2018-03-20    0 views
Headline: Giant Sculptures Burn in Valencia Ending Annual 'Fallas' Festival

The Spanish city of Valencia ended its five-day annual festival known as 'Las Fallas' on Monday (March 19) at midnight setting alight and burning hundreds of giant sculptures made of wood, cardboard, plaster and paper-mache as thousands of locals and tourists watched and celebrated.

The focus of the festival is the creation and destruction of giant 'ninots' (puppets or dolls). 'Las Fallas' translates as 'the fires' in Valencian lingo.

Every year the different districts of Valencia build a "falla", which takes the whole year to design, build and paint, and compete for the first prize in the city's contest.

There are also sculptures designed for children which compete in the "children's fallas."

The big paper-mache statues usually represent Spanish political events in an ironic and sarcastic way, poking fun at politicians, celebrities and local and international events.

Every year one Falla is saved from the flames thanks to people's votes, and it is moved to The Museum of the Fallero Artist for posterity.

The celebration is thought to have originated from pagan festivals celebrating the end of the winter and is also considered a homage to Saint Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters, builders of the sculptures.

Credit: Reuters
Fawn Stranded on Ice Rescued
2018-03-19    0 views
Finnish Border Guards have posted a video on social media of a rescue operation to save a fawn stranded on the ice on the Inkoo archipelago in southern Finland.

Coast Guards spotted the fawn during a regular patrol onboard their hovercraft on Saturday.

The video shows Kristian Rastedt pulling the fawn over the ice back to shore before giving the thumbs up after the fawn rushes into the woods.

The Coast Guards said while animal rescue missions are not part of their everyday duties they do occur from time to time.

Leopard and dog became BFFs at Vladivostok zoo
2018-03-19    0 views
At a zoo in Russia, a leopard cub and a Central Asian shepherd have become best friends.

The mother of the leopard, Milasha, left her cubs.

The zoo got a golden retriever to act as a wet nurse for Milasha.

While Milasha no longer needs a wet nurse, she continues her relationship with dogs.

"She needs communication with her wild relatives that have a similar size and characteristics. It’s definitely not a human being," zoo veterinarian Viktor Agafonov said.

So the zoo decided to put Milasha with Central Asian shepherd Elza.

Elza has wet-nursed a tiger and a lion.

Milasha and Elza are now best friends.

"This is a very unusual story of a dog and a leopard," Agafonov concluded.

Credit: Ruptly
U.S. probes air bag failures in deadly Hyundai, Kia car crashes
2018-03-17    0 views
The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on Saturday it is opening a probe into why some air bags failed to deploy in Hyundai and Kia vehicles after crashes in which four people were reportedly killed and another six injured.

The agency said it was reviewing 425,000 2012-2013 Kia Forte and 2011 Hyundai Sonata cars. It also said it will determine if any other manufacturers used similar air bag control units and if they posed a safety risk.

Hyundai Motor Co issued a recall last month for 154,753 U.S. Sonatas after non-deployment reports were linked to electrical overstress in the air bag control unit, but said it did not have a final fix yet.

Hyundai spokesman Jim Trainor said the South Korean automaker is aware of reports of two deaths in its vehicles, which he said occurred in head-on collisions at extremely high rates of speed. Trainor said the automaker is working with the NHTSA in the investigation, and that it has not seen any issues with any vehicle apart from the 2011 Sonata.

"We are working on getting the fix as fast we can," Trainor said.

NHTSA, which announced the start of the probe in documents posted on a government website, said it was aware of six crashes in which six people were injured when air bags failed to deploy in frontal crashes, including four in 2011 Hyundai Sonatas and two in 2012 and 2013 Kia Fortes. The 2013 Forte crash occurred in Canada.

The agency said the air bag control module was built by ZF Friedrichshafen-TRW, a German auto supplier that acquired TRW Automotive Holdings Corp in 2015. A ZF spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Saturday.

Kia Motors Corp did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

NHTSA said it believed that the 2012-2013 Forte cars also use similar air bag control units supplied by ZF-TRW.

The agency also said that electrical overstress appeared to be the root cause in a 2016 recall by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles of 1.4 million U.S. vehicles for air bag non-deployments in significant frontal crashes.

Credit: Reuters
World landmarks to turn green to mark St. Patrick's Day
2018-03-17    0 views
Famous landmarks around the world will go green - literally - on Saturday (March 17) to mark St. Patrick's Day.

Ahead of the feast day, Tourism Ireland released footage of some of the global icons being given the green light treatment in 2017.

Some of the famous sites illuminated with green light included the Great Wall of China, the Niagara Falls, Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro and the leaning tower of Pisa and Rome's Colosseum in Italy. Venues and attractions from Finland and Serbia to the United Arab Emirates and New Zealand were also turned green during last year's celebrations.

St. Patrick's Day, honouring the patron saint of Ireland, is celebrated on March 17.

Credit: via Reuters
Stormy weather lights up California skyline
2018-03-16    0 views
Credit: DANIELLE ROBINETT via Reuters
Los Angeles Zoo puts new ‘mob’ of meerkats on exhibit
2018-03-16    0 views
The Los Angeles Zoo’s new breeding group of meerkats is now on exhibit.

The “mob” of meerkats includes 4 males and 3 females.

The males arrived from the Zoo de Granby in Quebec last September.

The 3 females came from the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas, in January.

The 2 groups were slowly introduced to each other at a quarantine facility.

In late February, they entered their outdoor habitat together.

Meerkats are tiny members of the mongoose family.

Keeper of Los Angeles Zoo : Samantha
"So, we scattered their food all around the exhibit, and released them all into the exhibit at the exact same moment to make sure that they all had access to food.

That there would be no fighting over the food, since meerkats don't share very well."

They are native to deserts and grasslands of southern Africa.

The Los Angeles Zoo’s elderly meerkats passed away.

Now it is rebuilding its meerkat collection with a genetically diverse group.

Video Credit: Los Angeles Zoo
Photo Credit: AP Photo/Richard Vogel
Cat Falls off Bed While Cuddling with Husky
2018-03-16    0 views
This orange cat tried to get comfortable with a husky by cuddling next to it on the bed. However, there wasn't enough room for the both of them and the cat wound up accidentally falling off the bed.

Credit: Jukin Media via AP
Chinese reporter in hot water for viral eye-roll
2018-03-15    0 views
A TV reporter's theatrical eye-roll during another journalist's question at a news conference stole the show this week during China's annual parliament session at the National People's Congress (NPC), exploding on Chinese social media before censors intervened.

Liang Xiangyi, a TV reporter from financial news, stands next to Zhang Huijun, who was asking a 45-second question. She rolls her eyes multiple times, looks Zhang up and down and then turns away with another dismissive eye-roll.

Televised nationwide, the incident was seen by millions and quickly spawned GIFs, video clips, and parodies across China's vibrant but tightly controlled social media sites before many of the postings were removed. Liang's name also became flagged by censors.

3. A COMMENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA (Chinese): "She might think the question asked by the lady next to her is a very stupid and ignorant one"
"I think (the reason) doesn't need to be explained, I think no one appreciates the original ones (journalist's questions), because they all sound the same, and there're no highlights. Although this one is a bit funny, it differs from the others."
(REPORTER) "So they were all the same in the past?"
(REPORTER) "Why do you think this became popular?"
"To be yourself."
"I think the lady is speaking out what she thinks, I think she is very brave and she deserves praise. Right? Thank you!"

The management of financial news ordered Liang to immediately return to the office and explain her actions. Liang may lose her job for undermining Zhang's public image.

There are rumors that Liang’s media license was revoked by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China (SAPPRFT) because her actions had caused an adverse effect on the annual parliament session.

The journalist, Zhang Huijun, was a former reporter at CCTV. She currently works for AMTV, based in the United States. AMTV only has 134 followers on social media and is believed to be one of the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece media outlets outside of China.

Credit: Reuters
Popular physicist Stephen Hawking dies at 76
2018-03-14    0 views
British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76, a spokesman for his family reports.

He was one of the most respected and well-known scientists in modern history.

Hawking tried to explain some of the most complicated questions of life to the masses while working under the shadow of a likely premature death.

He was diagnosed with the wasting motor neuron disease at the age of 21 and was confined for most of his life in a wheelchair.

As his condition grew worse he had to resort to speaking through a voice synthesizer.

His best-selling book "A Brief History of Time," published in 1988, made him a household name across the world, explaining complex and theoretical science to everyday people.

"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge."

Hawking was proud that the book contained only one math equation: Einstein's famous "E=MC squared."

In his 2013 memoir, "My Brief History," Hawking revealed his disease led to the collapse of his two marriages.

Hawking specialized in both the fields of astronomy and the sub-molecular world of quantum theory, which he said could predict what happens at the beginning of time–and its end.

Credit: Reuters
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