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Grade 8 Gives Up Graduation Party To Give A Homeless Girl A Room
2018-04-27    0 views
Beautiful halls, extravagant dinners, dazzling dresses and shiny limos—that is not how Molly Field and her classmates are celebrating their grade eight graduation this summer.

The girls at the Joan of Arc Academy in Ottawa have given up their party to sponsor a room for a homeless girl at Ottawa’s Young Women’s Emergency Shelter.

“What made me tear up is having the girls give up something they’ve been watching for ten years,” says their teacher Connie Springfield.

Every year students at the Academy come together to do charitable work. Their grade eight runs a Girls 4 Girls club that contributes to charitable projects for young women around the city.

This year Molly’s class has been working hard to raise $3,500 to give a homeless girl at the young women’s shelter a room to live in for a year.

“The girls decide how to do it, it’s their leadership thing, I just facilitate it,” said Springfield.

The 17 girls managed to raise $1,039 from bake sales—something extremely hard to do for such young girls, Springfield explained.

Meanwhile, the graduation celebration would have cost them around $2,000.

“Molly felt sick about how much they would spend on one evening in two hours,” said Springfield.

So within a couple of hours, Molly put together a presentation for her classmates with different options. At the end of it the decision was unanimous: The girls all agreed to have a simple graduation potluck and contribute the graduation money towards the room at the shelter.

“We have many nice things coming for us in the future and it would be nice to give something to the girls [at the shelter],” Molly said.

“We help [the shelter] in other ways, like Christmas stockings, but this has never happened. This is from them. They’ve given up their graduation celebration,” Springfield said.

The girls’ parents were quick to support their ideas. They told Springfield, “If these girls are our future adults––we’re okay.”
Remembering Victims Of The Toronto Van Attack Tragedy
2018-04-26    0 views
The families shattered by a deadly van plowing through the streets of Toronto include a seven-year-old boy now left without a mother.

Renuka Amarasingha

Amarasingha was a single mother who worked at the Toronto District School Board.

A local Buddhist meditation centre has started GoFundMe page to support her seven-year-old son.

Betty Forsyth, 94

Forsyth was a cancer survivor and lived at the North York Seniors Centre for over 20 years.

Dorothy Sewell, 80

Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Sewell was an avid Toronto sports fan.

Anne Marie D’Amico, 30

D’Amico worked at an investment firm Invesco, located near the incident. She volunteered with Tennis Canada and loved working at the Rogers Cup.

Chul Min ‘Eddie’ Kang

Kang was a chef with the Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse.

Munir Abdo Habib al-Najar

Al-Najar was a native of Jordan visiting one of his children in Toronto.

Seneca Student

Seneca, the same college where Alek Minassian studied in the past, has confirmed that a female student has passed away

South Korean Nationals

Government official in Seoul have confirmed the death of two South Koreans.

With files from The Canadian Press.
What We Know So Far About Toronto Van Attack Suspect
2018-04-24    0 views
TORONTO—Alek Minassian, the suspect charged with the April 23 incident where a van plowed into pedestrians on a busy Toronto street, made a brief court appearance on Tuesday, April 24.

Dressed in a white jumpsuit, Minassian, 25, spoke only his name. He is charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and 13 counts of attempted murder.

Minassian’s LinkedIn profile lists him as a student at Seneca College from 2011 to this year.

Details emerged on Tuesday from the Department of National Defence that he was briefly a member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) last year.

“He did not complete his recruit training and requested to be voluntarily released from the CAF after 16 days of recruit training,” said Jessica Lamirande, a spokeswoman with the Department of National Defence.

Minassian had attended Thornlea Secondary School in Richmond Hill, graduating in 2011, according to school officials, who declined to provide further details.

A Facebook post reportedly by Minassian shortly before the attack makes reference to the 2014 Isla Vista tragedy in California, where a gunman killed six people and injured several more before turning the gun on himself. In a video before the attack, the gunman said his reason was due to rejection by women;

Alexander Alexandrovitch, who says on his Facebook profile that he attended the same high school as Minassian, describes the suspect as “mentally unstable.”

“He was known to meow like a cat and try to bite people,” he wrote on Facebook.

The area surrounding Minassian’s family home in Richmond Hill, Ont., was closed off with police tape a day after the incident.

Neighbours said they didn’t know the family well and that they usually kept to themselves. The family is thought to comprise four people, with another young male besides Minassian living in the household.

“We have a very quiet community, and nobody really bothers anybody else very much,” Wes Mack, a neighbour of the family, told The Epoch Times.

“It’s very tragic, very, very sad, and it’s hard on the community as well.”

Additional reporting by Becky Zhou; with files from The Canadian Press
Update: Toronto Van Attack Suspect Makes Court Appearance -- Faces 10 Counts of First Degree Murder
2018-04-24    0 views
TORONTO—Alek Minassian, the 25-year-old Richmond Hill resident who has been charged with hitting multiple pedestrians with a white van on Monday, made a brief appearance in a Toronto courtroom on Tuesday.

Minassian faces 10 counts of first-degree murder charges after as many people lost their lives and 15 were injured in the incident that occurred at the busy intersection of Yonge St. and Finch Ave.

Minassian appeared in the packed courtroom clad in a white jumpsuit and only spoke his name during the hearing.

Minassian was arrested shortly after the incident by the police.

Federal authorities have so far ruled out any connection to terrorism.
Daily Funnies: Canada, a magical place
2018-04-19    0 views
From beautiful, frigid springs, to happy thoughts about holding doors. Canada sure is a magical place. A meme and joke compilation.
Anecdote: Can You See Six Steps Ahead?
2018-04-19    0 views
A young man tries to play a chess master. Watch how the old man beats him before the match starts.
This Thing is Controlling You. Can You Sense It?
2018-04-13    0 views
Are you in control of your life? Or is there an invisible force calling the shots? The following poem by Lorna Davis has the answer.

Published with the permission of The Society of Classical Poets.

The Society’s mission is to preserve humankind’s artistic traditions; to reestablish poetry as one of the most widely appreciated forms of literature, communication, and entertainment; to increase appreciation of centuries of rhyming or metered poetry; to support poets who apply classical techniques in modern poetry through publication and performance opportunities and awards; and to aid in language arts education that imbues high moral fiber and good character.