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Archbishop orders N.B. churches to return federal cash over abortion pledge
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MONCTON, N.B.—A New Brunswick archbishop has ordered several Roman Catholic parishes to return federal funding they applied for without reading the fine print on abortion rights.

Moncton Archbishop Valery Vienneau says the church cannot compromise its values just to please the government.

“We're in a democracy, so why should we have to compromise our values to get some summer jobs for students?,'' Vienneau asked.

The Liberal government this year required that organizations seeking funding under the program check a box affirming their support for constitutional rights and the right to reproductive choice, including access to abortion.

The government says it is not targeting beliefs or values but churches and other faith-based organizations say they are being forced to choose between staying true to their values and seeking grants to help them run programs—from summer camps to soup kitchens—that have nothing to do with abortion.

“We cannot compromise our human, Catholic, Christian values just to please the government,'' Vienneau said.

Vienneau said he sent a memo to all the parishes earlier this year, telling them not to apply for the summer job funding, but some had already sent in their applications.

He said some of those churches were granted federal funding for student summer jobs, but the parishes didn't read the fine print and he has told them to refuse the money.

He said the diocese usually hires 25 to 30 students each summer for a variety of projects such as office work and the upkeep of cemeteries.

“Of course we are distressed that we are losing all these summer jobs for the students. Some parishes will try to raise the money for some projects, but some will probably not be able to do that,” he said.

Of 42,708 applications to the program, 1,559 were deemed ineligible because of the attestation requirement, said a government answer to a Commons order paper question tabled by Conservative MP Bob Zimmer.

Vienneau said he's had no contact with government officials but hopes the application is changed for next year.

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Watch: NYC bike crew gains Instagram fame with crazy street tricks
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Meet the Cycle Squad Maniaccs: DBlocks, MoBlocks, Twisted700, and ArtBMX.

They're a group of Harlem bike riders who found fame posting videos of themselves on social media in which they pulled wheelies for blocks and swerved centimetres away from oncoming traffic.

The Maniaccs are extremely popular on Instagram and were even featured in an ASAP Ferg music video.

This being said, they can also raise the ire of drivers and police with their gravity-defying stunts.

What drives the group? "Taking over the street and putting kids on bikes," said DBlocks

They give young people in the neighbourhood free bikes and teach them how to ride.

"I feel like I'm always a big brother to them," said Twisted700. "Sometimes family members don't have enough time to go out there and teach their kids actually how to ride."

Using social media they've turned their style of riding into a movement.

—This story was produced by NBC Left Field, which creates short, creative docs and features, all designed for social media and set-top boxes.

Video Journalist: Jordan Terrell


萬丹泥火山噴發 周圍農田全泡漿了via

Published at: 2018-05-16

萬丹泥火山噴發 周圍農田全泡漿了via.mp4


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