Watch: NYC bike crew gains Instagram fame with crazy street tricks
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Meet the Cycle Squad Maniaccs: DBlocks, MoBlocks, Twisted700, and ArtBMX.

They're a group of Harlem bike riders who found fame posting videos of themselves on social media in which they pulled wheelies for blocks and swerved centimetres away from oncoming traffic.

The Maniaccs are extremely popular on Instagram and were even featured in an ASAP Ferg music video.

This being said, they can also raise the ire of drivers and police with their gravity-defying stunts.

What drives the group? "Taking over the street and putting kids on bikes," said DBlocks

They give young people in the neighbourhood free bikes and teach them how to ride.

"I feel like I'm always a big brother to them," said Twisted700. "Sometimes family members don't have enough time to go out there and teach their kids actually how to ride."

Using social media they've turned their style of riding into a movement.

—This story was produced by NBC Left Field, which creates short, creative docs and features, all designed for social media and set-top boxes.

Video Journalist: Jordan Terrell

North Korea May Be Hiding Nuclear Weapons Near Chinese Border, South Korean Media Says-Teaser
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N.Korea recently designated Chagang Province
near Chinese border a special military zone.

South Korean media said the special military zone
was set up in order to hide nuclear weapons.

Chagang Province is known for its rugged terrain.

Nuclear weapons hidden there could go
undetected in the deep mountains.

Checkpoints have been set up in Chagang Province
to restrict people and vehicles going through.

The regime is also planning more ideological
indoctrination for residents there.

Este cachorro escocés no es muy aficionado a las caminatas
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En comparación con otros cachorros, a ‘Samwise’ no le gustan mucho los paseos. No se mueve cuando su dueño Daniel Merrable le pregunta si quiere dar un paseo el 19 de mayo.
El labrador de ocho meses puede pensar en otras cosas que hacer, como dormir boca arriba con una de sus patas en el aire, como se ve en este video subido a Twitter.
Su dueño, Daniel Merrable, contó a Storyful cómo convence a Samwise para que abandone su piso de Glasgow: "Normalmente tengo que sacarlo de nuestro apartamento con golosinas que colocamos en los escalones".
Según Daniel, una vez que Samsagaz es persuadido de salir, usualmente se divierte.
Este cachorro escocés no es muy aficionado a las caminatas vía Storyful

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TSA Marks Milestone with Stronger Carry-on Screening at all U.S. Federal Airports

Published at: 2018-04-14

The TSA announced new rules April 12 on its official
website ahead of the summer tourist season.

The security agency will implement more stringent
screenings for all carry-on baggage.

TSA staff may now require passengers to remove
food, powdered items, or anything that obstructs
the X-ray machine's clear display of images.

Any item unable to be identified at a checkpoint
will be forbidden from entering the cabin.

TSA’s efforts to strengthen security measures
began in the summer of 2017.

As more stringent security inspections increase,
travelers will notice that procedures will

also take longer when leaving or entering
the United States.

Our security efforts remain focused on always staying ahead of those trying to do us harm and ensuring travelers get to their destination safely.
-TSA Administrator David Pekoske

NTD reporter Tingting O, Henry Yan reporting in New York


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